Reasons why Quebec shouldn't become Independent and is a not good Province

Reason #1: Bill 101 and its Hypocrisy

- In 1977, the Province of Quebec adopted Bill 101, making French the Official Language of the Province. Despite over 40% of the population speaking English.

- With this, it also forces people to go to a French school, with few and strict exceptions which go out of their way to keep you in French.

- From personal experience, my friend (who will remain anonymous) was primarily English and was unable to learn French properly. This lead to him failing horribly as he couldn't understand any of his classes (which were tought in French) and ended up dropping out of school. This could've been prevented, but he wasn't in the strict requirements to enter an English school, as his parents were in a Spanish school.

Reason #2: It would cause new tensions

The province of Quebec had land that is now controlled by the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which they claim is theirs and caused a despute. If Quebec became Independent, they would bring this conflict back up and will cause new tensions that would've otherwise stayed low.

Reason #3: It would look horrible on the map and would be a political mess

Quebec's Independence would cause a problem between the Maritime provinces and the rest of Canada, as they would be locked out of the rest of Canada without having to pass through either Quebec or the United States. This isn't mentioning how bad it would look on a map.

Reason #4: It can't handle becoming an Independent country

Quebec is getting $66.4 billion from the Federal government, 244% more than what the province of Alberta is getting and even with all this can't afford to repair their roads.

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